Amsterdam's finest Sneaker store

Mokum Vintage

Amsterdam's Finest Sneaker store

Slay All Day partnered up with renowned sneaker store Mokum Vintage to present you these Mokum Vintage x Slay All Day socks. 

These fresh white socks have the Mokum Vintage logo embroidered on 'em. And since these socks are an ode to Amsterdam we included the xxx's of Amsterdam's weapon printed on the toes. 

Some highlights of the sock

Mokum Vintage Mascot

High detailed embroidery of Mokum Vintage's Mascot

Slay All Day

Our own name needs to be on it ofcourse.

Amsterdam XXX

An honor to the City of Amsterdam's coat of arms.

Designed in Amsterdam

From ideation to realization, we pour our passion into each piece.
All our designs are illustrated by us in the center of Amsterdam.

Sustainable from Portugal

From the careful selection of materials to responsible manufacturing processes, we ensure that every item is made with respect for both people and the planet.

For the love of Hip-hop

With a deep-rooted love for hip-hop, our creations are a celebration of the genre. In every stitch and brushstroke, hip-hop culture takes center stage.