About us

Nick - Founder

Nick grew up in the south of the Netherlands, but eventually moved to Amsterdam and grew a moustache to compensate for his southern accent. Lover of Hip Hop, clothing and cool brands that combine these two elements like for example Slay All Day. 

Sammy - Creative director

Responsible for all the awesome illustrations on our products and Instagram. Sammy's speciality is to design with a twist and a bit of humor. She puts her incredible steady hand and talented eye to good use by drawing illustrations of mostly things related to poo, butts or penises. 

Henry - Chief Executive Cleaner

Henry aka 'The Cleaner' is responsible for workspace tidyness. Although his red body indicates former affiliation with the L.A. Bloods, his contagious smile lifts the spirit of everybody around him. Henry: "I left the Bloods behind me since I came across Slay All Day. I look optimistic to the future now my life sucks less". 


Slay All Day

Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39
1053 RT Amsterdam 



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