Our collaboration with Get Familiar Mag & HipHopHuis

At Slay All Day we believe that hip-hop is more than just a music genre.
Hip-hop is all around us.
It is so deeply rooted in our lives that it influences our fashion, our food, the way we walk, and the way we talk.
That’s why we are proud to contribute to platforms that celebrate hip-hop.
Get Familiar Mag contributes to this culture through thought-provoking international interviews.
HipHopHuis encourages through lectures, classes and community events.
We share this vision together: Hip-hop is a culture.
A culture of sharing knowledge, skills, and building safe communities
Knowledge is our currency and we want to share the wealth.

Get Familiar Mag partnered up with HipHopHuis to release the second edition of their magazine. To celebrate the release we were asked to design an artwork for the limited edition totebag.  

The artwork brings attention to the unequally that we have in this society. Succes in life is often linked to the degree of education. However, acces to proper education is a privilege and not equally distributed in our society. 

Rapsody hip-hop artist

The artwork represents a coin with a portrait of Rapsody, a Grammy nominated American rapper, as its coin face. The coin is surrounded by the line “An education, however and wherever we can get it, is aligned with succes.”. A quote from her interview in Get Familiar Mag issue 02.

mpc hip-hop illustration

For the other side of the coin we went back to the instrument that gave us one of the very first sounds of hip-hop: the MPC. Surrounding that coinface you'll see the line "Knowlegde is our currency", because knowledge is a way to empower yourself and others around you. To complete the story of currency, we've printed the artwork in dollar green color.



Get Familiar Magazine - Issue 02 is out now and can be found in our webshop or at www.getfamiliarmag.com




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