Hip-hop artists of the decade

Hip-hop artists of the decade

2020 is here! Time to look back at a wonderful decade for hip-hop. We made a selection of who we think are the artists of the past decade. You can agree or disagree on this list, but you can't deny that each of these artists made a lasting impression and changed Hip-hop in one way or another. 


Ye, Yeezus, Yeezy, Yandhi, Kanye West goes by many names. In the past decade he released 6 albums, starting with the 2010 album 'My Beautiful dark twisted fantasy' which Genius coined as most influential album of the decade. 💿Following with instant classic 'Watch the Throne' 👑, the widely critiqued and appraised 'Yeezus' 💽, sample masterpiece 'Life of Pablo' 🔶 and gospel album 'Jesus is King'.

Kanye has won an astounding 21 Grammy's, which makes him the second hip hop artist to ever do so. (Jay Z being the first) And produced countless albums.

His music is emotionally risky and open, while at the same time being explicit and threatening.

No wonder Yeezy wants everyone to think he’s an asshole. It’s less pressure than getting recognised as the compulsively personal singer-songwriter he is.


Our second artist of the decade is J. Cole. 🙌🏼 Since 2011 he released 5 studio albums, of which three reached number 1 status. His second album ’Born sinner’ even outsold Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ on release date. 👑

His fan base might not be as big as Drake’s or Kendrick’s, but who needs a big fanbase if even Obama loves your music.🗣

That alone is enough to be among the best artists of the decade, but J. Cole is also on this list because of his tight flow and fantastic down-to-earth lyrics.

Tyler, the Creator

Absurd, unorthodox and groundbreaking. Tyler, the creator truly made an impact on hip hop this last decade. 💥

In the past ten years Tyler released 6 albums with each a different and unique style. He raps about murder and rape on 'Goblin', but sings about romance on 'Flower Boy'. 🌻

His diversity and unique sound is what sets him apart. This is why he deserves a place in our list. diverse


Known for his storytelling, imagery, wordplay, passion and varied song structures, Kendrick brings hard-hitting lyricism. 👊

In the past decade he released 6 albums, got nominated for 29 Grammy awards, won 12 of them and was ranked #9 of best rappers of all time by Billboard. 🏆

These are more than enough reasons to be on our artist of the decade list.


The singing/rap hybrid Drake built his musical legacy by being honest, emotionally vulnerable and a lyrical and melodic champion. 🏆

Despite Drake's soft and disarming voice being his musical moneymaker, it was his strong and fearsome raps that solidified his respect within hip-hop. 👊

In the past decade Drake released 179 song spread over 8 albums, got nominated for 44 grammy's 📣(won 4 of them), became Spotify's most streamed artist of the decade and broke several hit records.

For a little over a decade, his exceedingly dominant presence over music allowed him to be one of the decade's most successful and influential hip-hop and pop superstars.

Frank Ocean

One of the artists of the decade is Frank Ocean. 🚘 🍊👤

After being part of the hip hop collective Odd Future he release his first album in 2011, but truly got popular with his second album ‘Channel Orange’. Finally, in 2016 his genre-breaking album ‘Blonde’ got him a place in the hip hop hall of fame.

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